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Chatbot Development

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Chatbot Development

We’re interacting with chatbots day in and day out. These virtual assistants can accelerate every task they take on, from personalized support to lead generation, sales, onboarding, and more. And best of all they’re not overly chatty (unlike some people).

Why chatbot is helpful?

1.4 Billion

1.4 Billion people are using chatbots.

53% organizations

53% of organizations using chatbots.

136 %

Growth rate

How we
can help you

Deploy enterprise chatbot to promote and upsell on whatsAPP and attend customers on your website when no hyman support is around.


This HR services chatbot simplifies a employee's experience on a company's services and internal communication. It's a type of chatbot that can be used as part of an HR-related workflow automation.


Let AI enabled enterprise Chatbot respond to your customers 24x7 for their querise and concern leading to high CSAT for your buisness.

Let enterprise chatbot perform appointment booking, Seat reservations, HR operations and more that sharing load of your current team.

Business from great idea to


KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology, we expertise in developing agile, efficient, and beautiful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics software and Solutions. Our team is extremely talented group of developers and business analysts to cater to the need of the Enterprise Application Development market.

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KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology.

  • 4th Elmarwa Towers, Ahmed Tayseer Street, Cairo, Egypt.
  • (+20) 112 1906 533