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Software Development

Software Development

KEMET AI has been developing web applications to meet the varied needs of startups and enterprise with a focus on digital enablement. Web portals enable seamless communication of your information to stakeholders without any major technical limitation with excellent user experience. 

Kemet aI has proven expertise and portfolio of service which helps our client's web portal strategy.


Our Solutions

End-to-end professional web development services for simple and complex applications.

Social Web App

We provide innovation application for organization to connect with their stakeholders like clients and employees in a social way.

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IT problem

How we
can help you

We assist the enterprise in digital transformation by building apps to enance client experience, Smart workforce management and process optimization. Our approach blended with our experienced team, Advanced engineering, Well-defined workflow and methodology.



We provide more interactive e-commerce solution to enable ease of online shopping and social presence of the shop. shop.

Our enterprise portal solution enhances business processes with centralized document and content management along with process automation.

Business from great idea to


KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology, we expertise in developing agile, efficient, and beautiful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics software and Solutions. Our team is extremely talented group of developers and business analysts to cater to the need of the Enterprise Application Development market.

Contact info

KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology.

  • 4th Elmarwa Towers, Ahmed Tayseer Street, Cairo, Egypt.
  • (+20) 112 1906 533