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Data Analytics

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Data Analytics

The massive volume of data combined with cutting-edge and open source technologies in data analytics, parallel computing, and machine learning present companies with unique opportunities to reimagine their business models, deliver personalized experiences, automate processes, and reduce costs.Our data engineers and scientists have helped global brands discover, build and monetize data-driven business opportunities. We help our clients build analytics products, platforms, and solutions that deliver actionable intelligence at a massive scale from data preparation, transformation, integration to data science and interactive visualizations. 

KEMET AI technology provides customized data analytics solutions for a range of applications


Data Warehousing

Set up a data warehouse (DWH)

Data Lake

Our cross-cloud platform breaks down silos

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We set up a Data Warehouse (DWH), where we physically centralize the data and simplify the logic for its consumption. Layer by layer, starting with business stakeholder strategy, we build a best-of-breed solution for gathering, cleaning, and storing data and turning it into a shared decision-making asset.Our expertise in delivering BI services also 

Our cross-cloud platform breaks down silos by supporting a variety of data types and storage patterns. Data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and developers across organizations can access governed structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data for a variety of workloads, without resource contention or concurrency issues.


Big Data Consulting and Analytics Services provide strategy, engineering, and analytics to help our clients derive actionable insights to drive business agility and competitive advantage. We help organizations thrive in a data-driven world by creating scalable, secure and agile big data solutions customized to unique business objectives.


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KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology, we expertise in developing agile, efficient, and beautiful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics software and Solutions. Our team is extremely talented group of developers and business analysts to cater to the need of the Enterprise Application Development market.

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KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology.

  • 4th Elmarwa Towers, Ahmed Tayseer Street, Cairo, Egypt.
  • (+20) 112 1906 533