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Staff Augmentation

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Staff Augmentation

At KEMET AI, we help you to hire the best technology experts for your business and projects. we clearly understand the skill sets and the aptitude required to onboard excellent talent. KEMET AI, one of the renowned IT staff augmentation companies IT staff augmentation service companies in Egypt, will help you to hire technology experts for your business and projects that will fulfill your staffing needs. We conduct a thorough selection process so that you get the right candidates with the required experience and knowledge.

Choosing the IT staff augmentation service company will significantly reduce your training costs for new hires technology provides 


Allows business to scale their workforce

Cost Savings

staff augmentation can help businesses save money on hiring

89 %

IT problem

How we
can help you

You can outsource work that requires specialized domain expertise to our award-winning IT staff augmentation consulting service company in India without any long-term commitment.


Staff augmentation can help businesses save money on hiring, Training, and employee benefits.When you hire a staffing agency to provide you with augmented staff, You only pay for the time that they work, and you don't have to worry about the costs associated with full-time employees, Such as health insurance and paid time off.

Staff augmentation is a flexible solution that allows businesses to scale theri workforce up or down as needed. This is especially beneficial for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations in demand or that are working on projects with tight deadlines

Business from great idea to


KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology, we expertise in developing agile, efficient, and beautiful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics software and Solutions. Our team is extremely talented group of developers and business analysts to cater to the need of the Enterprise Application Development market.

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KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology.

  • 4th Elmarwa Towers, Ahmed Tayseer Street, Cairo, Egypt.
  • (+20) 112 1906 533