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AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

We engineer practical data-driven algorithms to implement machine learning solutions for startups by separating the aI hype from computational realities. Our company provides a wide range of services to assist business in leveraging AI effectively. Our services include developing specialized AI tools like chatbot, recommendation engines, Image recognition systems, and predictive analytics models.

We also offer product designing and prototyping services to ensure AI products are user-friendly, Efficient, and effective.


AI Automation

AI automation refers to the use of artificial intelligence & Machine learning technologies to automate routine & repetitive tasks.

Predictive Analytics

For predictive analytics, We follow state-of-the-art practice of using statistical algorithms, Machine learning.

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We at KEMET AI can help you identify the goal and set the metrics that will lead to success. With the help of expert data scientists and engineers, We can help you with AI development and design of pilot project.

If you're looking for a digital transformation for your company or enterprise, AI is the way for you to go. With the best aI engineers working with us, You can sure of one thing and that is making the right digital transformation.

There are many companies out there who are waiting for the right time to implement AI. In our opinion, what they are actually doing is wasting time. So, Let's just talk about transformation and harmonize the data you have collected.

Every industry that is in the IOT space can effectively set up the real-time systems to make sure that the IOT data is able to translate the sensor data into making AI, ML systems and even make machine learning systems smarter& Faster.

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KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology, we expertise in developing agile, efficient, and beautiful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics software and Solutions. Our team is extremely talented group of developers and business analysts to cater to the need of the Enterprise Application Development market.

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KEMET AI born with a vision to help companies elevate using technology.

  • 4th Elmarwa Towers, Ahmed Tayseer Street, Cairo, Egypt.
  • (+20) 112 1906 533